Just Justin

    Amanda Archer is a talented photographer, focused on capturing countrylife and food. She already had a design created by a graphics designer and needed the website to be developed.

    I made some minor tweaks to the design and integrated a Content Management System, so that she could easily make new blog posts and add her photos into different categories. I also made the website responsive, so it is easily viewable on a number of different devices.

    Rare Gamer is a website dedicated to delivering past, present and future information on the UK games developer RARE. The website needed a fresh design and new structure. I designed and developed the new look.

    The website uses Wordpress to deliver its content; which required some customisation to support the functionality required for any gaming site, to order content and games, by their type and platform.

    KJ Blinds is a blinds manufacturer and supplier, who needed a website to advertise the products that they have available; in addition to a new logo to modernise their look.

    I produced a light, minimalist design and developed a small online quote form, which allows customers to get an estimated price for blinds from a specific size. The website design is also easily viewable on other devices, such as mobile devices and tablets.

    The website is powered by Wordpress, which allows updates to be easily made across different parts of the website.

    EWinston designs and distributes meaningful tees via an external online store. I developed EWinston’s site to promote the tees that they have available. The design itself incorporates a vast amount of interactive tricks to enhance usability, without crowding the user with too much information at once. It was designed to have a clean, sleek look, blending dark and bright colours to focus the user on the content. It uses Wordpress to power its content.

    It also adapts its layout on mobile devices and changes the website theme depending on the time of day. In the morning until 12pm, the site has a bright orange background. In the middle of the day, the site shows a daybreak blue theme. At night time, the design changes from daybreak blue to night-time purple.

    A gaming fan-site required a new Content Management System (Wordpress), to make it easier to update and add new content; in addition to a more up to date layout. A bright new layout was designed and was developed to adapt to different browser resolutions – so whenever the website is viewed on a mobile, tablet or on a monitor, the layout will be easily viewable.

    The design itself portrays a a strong personality, to represent the world of Mario. The site also features various interactivity tricks, to make navigation throughout the website easier and quicker.

    Googly Eyed Splitters was a concept Dave Leverton created. I spent 1-2 months developing the game for Xbox Live, before leaving We Are Colin to return to University.

    A fun side-scrolling platformer, with a twist! Roll, Jump and Split your way through a whopping 40 levels to finish the game. Beware lava pits, lava boulders and being crushed by platforms as you play! With both skill based and puzzle based levels you’re sure to enjoy playing this cute little Indie Title!

    In the 1-2 months I spent on the game’s development, I worked on the gameplay programming; integrating Farseer Physics into the game and developed a level editor, to speed up the level design process.

    A pixelated flash of gravity flipping goodness available for the iPhone. Control Colin across death defying levels by tapping the screen to jump whilst continuously running, over pits and spikes. If in mid-air Colin can switch gravity by tapping the screen again and run on the ceiling! A fresh and new mechanic for the running/platforming genre. It features over 25 levels and an endless level, for only 59p!

    Whilst at We Are Colin, I strongly wanted to develop Gravity Runner – it was a concept I came up with for the iPhone whilst completing a previous project. Like the other We Are Colin projects I worked alongside good friend Dave Leverton.

    The game was critically received well by most, earning comments such as: ‘Gravity Runner has stepped up the bar for past and future platformers and it is a game that anyone, from any age and era, can definitely enjoy.’ and ‘Overall, Gravity Runner is a brilliant game… and is definitely an AppAdvice must buy!’.

    The game in total took around 2 months to complete. I also developed the Gravity Runner single-page website.

    Traditional word searches give you the words to look for within a grid. This isn’t a traditional wordsearch game. To feel the rush you must find 7 words within a time limit associated with a chosen topic; but you aren’t given the words. So if the topic was colours you may have to look for the word “blue”. But don’t worry help is at hand. If you struggle to find a word you can always use 1 of 3 hints which tells you a word thats in the grid. The way you play and the speed you play at will decide your score.

    This was the first iPhone game I worked on at We Are Colin. John Sear (my boss) came up with the concept of WordSearch Rush, after creating a prototype. I later developed WordSearch Rush on the iPhone. The main emphasis of the game was to make learning fun. We later extended WordSearch Rush to support foreign languages and add-on packs, that could be downloaded from the App Store.

    WordSearch Rush performed very well on the App Store. A huge part of its success was because Apple featured WordSearch Rush on the App Store; it appeared on the front page of the UK App Store and under the “Hot Games” section in the US and worldwide. It reached #2 in the UK puzzle charts, second only to Scrabble.